About Bank

The Tapindu Urban Coop Bank Ltd.

The Bank has been registered with the Registrar Co-operative Societies, Govt of Bihar under Bihar self-supporting Co-operative Societies Act. 1996 (act-2,1997) and licensed by the Reserve Bank of India, to carry on the Banking Business in India. At present, there are over 3450 shareholders of the Bank.

This Bank has been set up with the main objective of providing quality Banking Services to its members and citizens of The historical District of Patna at affordable cost with utmost convenience and ease. It Is located in the heart of the city on the crossing of New Dakbunglow road and Exhibition road In Arunachal Bhawan.

Besides providing normal Banking Business activities and services available through Commercial Banks, we also give a personal touch to our product & services. While your term deposits with us will earn a higher rate of interest, your financial needs will be taken care of at a lower price in terms of time and flexibility.

You may be aware that “Urban Co-operative Banking Scheme “has been floated by the Reserve Bank of India for meeting the local needs and aspirations. The pooling of resources and distribution of resources so pooled amongst fellow members is the “mantra” of Urban Co-operative Banks. Being the exclusive preserve of the people of Patna, there is no fear of Capital Flight from the city. We are of you, for you & by you. Every paisa deposited with the Bank shall be invested for the betterment of the people Of Patna.

There is a lurking fear in the public mind regarding the safety of Financial Investment made by them in light of some unfortunate incidents of the recent past when some shady companies functioning as Non-Banking Financial Companies vanished overnight with the hard-earned money of the investors. However, unlike NBFCs, the Reserve Bank of India maintains a close vigil on urban banks and we have to comply with the safety and regulatory measures on daily basis. Keeping in view our mission, dedication, and zeal to serve our experience and strong regulatory/ control of the RBI we assure you of the safety and rapid growth of your investment with us.

We are committed to serving the priority Sector - retail trade, small scale industries, weaker sections of society, women entrepreneurs, handicrafts, cottage industries, housing & export etc. on very attractive terms. we also have loan products for consumer goods, vehicles, etc.Our sincere wish to provide you top class Banking Services will fructify into result only when we get your wholehearted support and patronage.

We thank all our existing shareholders for their unstinted support and co-operation.

We appeal to the citizens of Patna at large to join us.

With Regards.